I’ll Light A Candle


// I spend my time today
Just thinking of u
My heart and my mind
are fell when missing u

I can’t wait for the moment
When u finally back in my arms
So for now while u’
re not around
The thought of u keeps me warm

I’m longing for your touch
And your kisses I really miss
I hope you come home soon
That until then this is what i do

I’ll light a candle
To see when u get home
Just to let u know
That i’
m waiting so long for u to hold me
Until the night u will stay
(Stay with me forever)
ll light a candle in the window
Hurry come my way

Just the thought of u
Gets me through my days
U constantly in my mind
and never be seen go away
I can feel your touch in my dreams
I dont want to open my eyes
Just to know that u’re waiting for me
Makes me feel warm inside

It’s only time
that keep us apart
But in a moment
ll be face to face
and heart to heart

There’s nothing
Than even to know
That u’
re coming home

Don’t u worry girl
U wont be alone too long
When the morning comes
And i see your face
Lying next to me
We will making love forever
Dont ever leave