‘Sang Bhagava’ Lyric

Vocal: Meicie Widjaja
Cipt. Joky

Sudahkah kita menemukan
Yang kita cari di dunia…
Harusnya kita menyadari
Dia lah Sang Bhagava

* Ajaran mulia Sang Bhagava
Lentera hidup di dunia
Penuntun jalan ke nirwana
Pujilah Dia Sang Bhagava

Harusnya kita dapat mengerti
Hidup di dunia bukanlah mimpi

Bersujud kita pada Sang Bhagava
Yang Maha Suci Yang Maha Mulia
Berlindung kepada-Nya
Pasti tak akan goyah
Arungi dunia…

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English Translation:

Have we found what we’re looking for in this world?
We should realize that He is Bhagava
The teaching of Bhagava is the light in this world
Guide our way to Nirvana
Praise Him: Bhagava

We should understand
Our life in this world is not just a dream

Perform this Bow to Bhagava
The Holy and Glorious One
Take refuge to Him
We won’t loose our faith
Living our life in this world



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