All Want To Be Happy


Indeed there is a difference between someone with someone else. Different customs, different social status, different religions, different offspring and so forth. And the difference is sometimes used as “bullets” to fight. Surely it is not a fundamental difference because the difference is only seen by our eyes. But when we see with the eyes of the heart, to see with deep knowledge, precisely the difference did not have a strong reason.
Among those of different religions, different beliefs, maybe even those who have no religion, they all do not wish to suffer, all want to live happily, to achieve a better life. Is not this so? Anyone who are wealthy or needy, possess religion A or religion B, who among them want to suffer? All deny the suffering and want a better life.
Even if we think more widely, even animals do not want to suffer. The animals also want to avoid suffering and find a good life. The only difference between humans and animals: animals looking for a good simple life, while humans can find a better, happier, better quality and more valuable life with a wider range.


Source: Bersahabat Dengan Kehidupan, by Ven. Sri Pannyavaro

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